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Beckwith Decor Products specializes in products and services for the CNC router industry


We offer Custom Design and Cutting in 2d & 3d, including architectural products, prototyping  for manufacture, designer engraving and 3d relief’s with special emphasis on wood carving .


CNC Consulting, File creation & assemblies with toolpathing, tool setup & supply.


Specialized training for CNC Machining, ArtCam (Autodesk) ArtCam (Delcam) and the new Carveco software, with in-house, on site or internet training available.






In house Support packages available for Autodesk ArtCam Premium & Standard as well as Delcam legacy versions and the new ArtCam replacement, Carveco.


We are a stocking Onsrud CNC tool distributor with our own line of Custom 3d CNC tooling under the BDP label


High performance CNC tooling

For more information on training call (316)393-7375


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CNC Training

We offer training classes in Cad/Cam, CNC machining and associated tooling, covering both 2d, 3d and dimensional machining and carving. Training is available as one on one or group class.




LMT Onsrud

· Dimensional Carving

· CNC Services

BDP ZRN 3d tool set

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Full line Onsrud tooling distributor with custom 3d tooling under the BDP label